Hoof Repair

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SBS CRACK FILLER KIT (122120122SBS67757076-KIT01)
The SBS Crack Filler Kit contains: two resealable 1 oz. tubes and reinforcing mesh. Cures in minutes, easily rasped.
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VETRAP BANDAGING TAPE (122120122UNB86848280-BT01)
Lightweight, non-absorbent, cool, and comfortable, this tape stretches and sticks to itself. Vetrap will not stick to your horses hair so it is a breeze to take off. Provides an excellent pressure bandage without cutting off circulation and allows the skin to breathe.
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VETTEC Equi-Pak Copper Surface 180cc
VETTEC EQUI-PAK CS 180CC (122120122VTC86848467-EPCS180)
Infused with copper sulfate to effectively manage mild and moderate cases of thrush. Available in 180cc Cartridge. Can be used as a preventative measure during wet seasons Bonds to the sole eliminating the need to pick out the feet and apply daily medication Uniform support allows for faster, thicker hoof wall and sole growth Provides same protection and support as original Equi-Pak.
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VETTEC Equi-Pak Soft 180cc
VETTEC EQUI-PAK SOFT 180CC PINK (122120122VTC86848467-EPS180)
Handle those “sensitive situations with Equi-Pak Soft. Available in 180cc Cartridge. About 2X softer than regular Equi-Pak Stays soft (even in cold temperatures) Strong bond to soles sealing out moisture and debris, (better than silicones) Use with pads on working horses Perfect for deep commissures and thin soles Can be filled to ground level (w/o a pad) for lameness cases (with limited turnout) Absorbs shock and concussion.
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VETTEC Equi-Thane Super Fast 180cc
VETTEC EQUI-THANE SUPER FAST 180 CC (122120122VTC86848467-ETSF180)
Create a custom shoe in minutes Foal cuffs attached in seconds or custom made in minutes Small hoof repairs and toe cracks completed quickly Helps to hold thin, brittle hoof walls together
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VETTEC Sole-Guard Sole Protection 180cc
Apply directly to the sole and frog Fast and convenient Bonds to the foot for 2 weeks Provides protection and support Great for providing support for heavy, late term brood mares Temporary protection for horses transitioning from shoes to barefoot Can be used as a thin protective layer on the shod foot NOTE: Sole-Guard is designed for use without shoes and stays bonded to the feet for 2-3 weeks of light riding (more strenuous riding may shorten this time). This technique is not recommended for use on sore, lame or very thin soled feet.
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