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SBS CRACK FILLER KIT (122120122SBS67757076-KIT01)
The SBS Crack Filler Kit contains: two resealable 1 oz. tubes and reinforcing mesh. Cures in minutes, easily rasped.
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Beginner's Kit
A good set of horseshoeing tools for a good price. These tools are adequate quality to do a professional job and to last for a long time for a part time horseshoer. This set of tools is all you will need to begin shoeing horses. Farrier Brand Hoof Nipper: $100.00, Diamond Pull-offs: (used to remove the shoe from the hoof): $62.00, Nordic Clincher (used to bend over your nail ends to make your clinches): $55.00, MFC Hoof Knife: $15.00, Nordic Driving Hammer (to drive nails): $27.00, Nordic Clinch Cutter (to cut the old clinches before you remove the horseshoe): $16.10, Bellota Hoof Rasp: $23.00, Rasp Handle: 3:00, Cliff Carroll Rounding Hammer (Use this on your stall jack or anvil to shape the shoe to fit the hoof): $26.00, Diamond Clinch Block (used to set your clinches before clinching): $20.00, MFC Apron (Horseshoer’s protective wear to keep from getting cut or stabbed with a nail. You really do need this): $110.25, Stall Jack/Hoof Stand Combo (used as a very effective mini-anvil and also a hoof stand): $94.50 Total = $551.85 + shipping (about $50.00 - $60.00) = $600.00 includes all of these tools plus shipping.
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