Grand Circuit

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WHITE LIGHTENING 8 OZ (110115104GC87727684-8oz)
White Lightning is the active Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) solution to Thrush, Skin Fungus and White Line Disease. Chlorine Dioxide has been demonstrated to be bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal while remaining harmless to healthy tissue. White Lightning is safe to use, and unlike hypochlorite, does not produce toxic byproducts. Chlorine Dioxide is so safe, it is routinely added to orange juice and other consumer foods and beverages to kill contaminants and prevent spoilage. Chlorine Dioxide is even used by dentists in periodontal work. Not only is ClO2 safe, but it is up to seven times more effective than chlorine bleach.
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GRAND CIRCUIT KIDS APRON 17" (101120122GC71677565-17)
The "Kid's Apron" is 17" in length and is made of the same cordura material as adult aprons. This size has leg straps, leather patches and fits children approximately 6-10 years old. Available in Navy Blue, Black, or Gray.
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