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JIM KEITH CREASER – DRAFT HEAD (103122123JK68827084-0A)
A superb tool for making the crease or fullering in a handmade horseshoe. Head is made of a hot working shock resistant tool steel. The 17" ash handle comes with two rubber disks (one is a spare) and mounting instructions so it can be for right or left handed use. This tool is long enough to keep the wooden handle away from the heat yet short enough to allow good vision of both the crease and the striking surface of the tool.
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MFC DRAFT HUMBLE HOBBLE (110125115MFC68827084-120)
The Draft Humble Hobble is 46" long x 2" wide. This humble hobble is made from two layers of water buffalo leather sandwiching a layer of rubberized nylon mesh. Just strap up either front leg for a short time. When he will come forward or back up on three legs with just a little tug of the lead shank he will be far more cooperative. You will also find this MFC Humble Hobble to be useful in sacking out a young horse or to teach him not to shy away from unfriendly looking objects or noises.
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MFC 14” Draft SHOE PULL OFFS (120114122MFC83727969-14)
The MFC 14" Shoe Pull offs are made of H-13 steel blades with a stainless steel handle. They come with 1 1/4" blade. These pull offs are designed to easily pull shoes and then make quick work of your nail.
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AB DRAFT WEDGE - PER PAIR (120120103UNB80656883-02)
Black pad. 9-3/4" width, 9" length, 1/2" thick.
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AB DRAFT WEDGE PAD LARGE - PER PAIR (120120103UNB80656883-03)
Black pad. 9-3/4" width, 9" length, 1/2" thick.
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AB LARGE DRAFT PAD - PER PAIR (120120103UNB80656883-04)
Black pad. 11-3/8" width, 9-5/8" length, 3/8" thick.
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AB SMALL DRAFT PAD – PER PAIR (120120103UNB80656883-05)
Black pad. 9" width, 8" length, 5/16" thick.
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JIM KEITH 2LB CLIPPING HAMMER (110115122JK67768071-180)
A well balanced hammer for precise control when drawing clips. Also great for general work and it replaces that clumsy ballpein hammer. The shaft is 17" of # 1 Hickory hand fitted to the hammer head and will not loosen with use.
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