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Jim Keith Diagonal Pein Hammer available in either right or left hand.
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JIM KEITH 8 OZ DRIVING HAMMER (110115122JK78766882-8OZ)
"Jim Keith" driving hammer, named from its designer, Mr Jim Keith. This unique style driving hammer has a hollow ground or concaved driving face to prevent the hammer sliding off of the nail head and hitting you on the knee, which is important to most of us. The handle combines the strength of a steel handle so you will not break your hammer handles along with an actual wood handle for that "wood handle feel"
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NC CAVALRY 12 oz DRIVING HAMMERS (110115122NC78766882-NC12)
Octagon Shaped Face, Balanced...No Vibration - Slim Handle For Smooth Strokes. - Claw Design - Hooking Or Twisting Nails.
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